Friday, February 25, 2011


Day 1:
So I dropped Jack off in Utah for a fun weekend at his GG's house. I was expecting a quite peaceful weekend in Dallas with Shawn. I had rented several movies and had my list of things to do. I figured Shawn would be working long hours because Jack was not home. So it was Thursday night around 9:30pm and I was watching a movie by myself when Shawn got home from work. This was somewhat our conversation.

Me: hey how was work?
Shawn: good.
Me: good.
Shawn: do you have a minute to talk.
Me: sure but be kind of fast of I am really into my movie (slightly annoyed that he wants to talk in the middle of my movie...)
Shawn: Happy Birthday! We are leaving for Paris tomorrow afternoon.
Shawn: Yep, I have been planning (we will discuss what "planning" means in a second) and wanted it to be a surprise. (with a huge grim on his face)
Me: For real as I give him a big smack on the lips.

So here is our Paris adventure. We were only there for a day and a half. But we had lots of fun sight seeing, eating crepes, quiche and fondue, enjoying the architecture and all the cultural Paris has to offer.

side note: Shawn's planning was getting plane tickets only, no hotel, no substitutes for the class we teach every Sunday and all the other things that go into planning a trip. Not that I am complaining but needless to say I was running around with my head cut off for the next several hours and into the next day to make sure everything was ready for us to go. I don't think he realizes how much planning goes into making a trip possible because I usually do it. But it all worked out and I really love traveling with Shawn. We have so much fun together.

I had been to Paris while I was studying in London. I can't tell you how many memories came flooding back while I was in Paris. Too fun!

First day:
Leave Friday around 3pm and arrive at 8am Paris time. We did not get to our hotel until around 11am. I got a great deal at Le Meridien Hotel in the Champs-Elysées area. It was perfect location and pretty nice. I love priceline. We started off by going to the isle to eat the most delicious quiche we have had at this quaint little cafe. Then we headed to Notre Dame. I forgot how many stairs there are to climb to the top. Then because it was pouring rain and cold we stopped at a little cafe to people watch and enjoy some hot chocolate. Then we headed on a river cruise and ended the night eating some yummy pizza and pasta. We were so tired by the end of the day.

Favorite little cafe.

Notre Dame

Sipping our hot chocolate at our cafe

River cruise

day two next...

Jack Birthday....

I found some more pics of Jack celebrating his birthday at his daycare. He brought some treats for his little class. He got lots of special attention and was loving it. I am seriously loving the 2 age. I think it is so much fun! Jack has lots of little friends in his class. When I pick him up, I tell him it is time to go home and without me saying anything he gives all his friends and teacher a hug. It is so cute.

Ms. Ghandi and Jack. She is one of Jack's teacher's assistant. He loves her.

His class enjoying cupcakes.

Friday, February 4, 2011


So we have literally been homebound since Tuesday. We have not left the house once or even attempted to go outside. Dallas is not equipped for ice or snow storms. The streets are one straight sheet of ice and the wind is deathly cold. It is probably the worst weekend for something like this to happen with the Superbowl and all..... Needless to say we have been going a little crazy around here. Luckily we have had some friends who have dared the streets and have come to hang out with us. Shawn's team is a little crazy so he has been going to work everyday (I think they are the only ones in Dallas to go to work).

Last night it finally snowed and the sun came out a little bit. Since Jack has been saying for the last couple of day "I go, go." I thought we would go outside and play in the snow to get some fresh air. Having no snow clothes for Jack, I did my best to put together a little snow outfit that would keep him warm so he could play. He loved the snow! He played for over an hour, until I started to get cold. I only had two falls on the ice, one I am sure will leave some good bruising. Jack had several falls but it did not seem to bother him. The fresh air was really refreshing!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite saying of Jack's as of late:
"thank you momma."
He says this every time I give him something to eat.
It MELTS my heart.

Congrats to my brother!!

Steve is official! Pretty cool stuff. This was in the Hawaii News in their business briefs.

Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert has hired Steven Gray as an associate. He was previously a summer associate for Damon Key, legal intern at Federal Signal and legal extern at Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association.

For some reason I can't get rid of the picture below him. Sorry....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



We had a wonderful Christmas this year spent with family and friends. We were sad that my brother could not make it to Utah. He had to work and was stuck in Hawaii (poor guy!). We seriously love going to Utah and spending time with family and friends.

We kicked off the holidays with a Dallas-friend ugly sweater-white elephant party. It was hilarious!!! We are so grateful to have made such close friends here. We would be so bored without them!

Then we headed to Utah to see friends and family. My Seattle relatives have come every year for as long as I can remember. It is a straight party from the day the arrive to the day the leave. It is so fun to have them around.
We have the traditional Christmas Eve meal, then we do the nativity thing (sing songs, read scriptures, etc) then we do a white-elephant exchange which is always a lot of fun. We always play lots of games, tell stories and the highlight is the annual laser tag games. This year my younger cousins killed all of us old wigs.

Grandma opened a gift that was a pair of special panties that is suppose to make your tush "pop." It was perfect for her!

Superman underwear.... Need I say more....

No words needed

Love my grandparents

My cousin was so cute with Jack. They were best buddies.

Every year we do a get together with my dad's side of the family. It was great to see my grandparents, aunts and uncles and lots of cousins!
My aunt and uncle with their little girl. We are so thrilled for them!

more to come....

More Randon Pics....

More random pics. My computer was having issues so I could not put them all together.

Jack loves the football or any ball for that matter. He has a pretty good throw if you ask me. Thanks to the Dallas weather, Shawn and Jack were able to get lots of ball time in!

Jack loves hats whether they are made from underwear, game pieces, nylons, socks, whatever. He thinks everything should be put on his head. It is pretty hilarious to see the things that he comes up with that can fit on his head. Shawn would not let him wear the underwear hat to school one day and Jack was not a happy camper.
This is Jack saying "cheese!"

Jack loves to pretend to drive in the car. He could stay for hours in the car and just play. He was loving uncle Jason's truck. He is obsessed with trucks especially "big trucks." By the way, noticed how Shawn dressed him..... There have been several occasions that I have picked Jack up from his preschool class and his shirt is a pj top. Shawn has mistaken a pj top for an everyday shirt. It makes me laugh. But no complaining here. I am just happy he is dressed, fed and dropped off to school. Shawn really is a great husband and dad!

After we went trick or treating Jack had to taste all the suckers he got. It was pretty funny and I did not mind because he just licked them all and then I could throw them away. He did not really care about the other candy.