Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a year at a glimpse

Around 10 months ago I went to the dermatologist for my annual skin evaluation. After doing the evaluation he asked if I had any other questions. I told him I had a cold sore and I had not had one in years and if there was anything I could do for it. He asked me if I had any stress in my life. I said no, not really....well I guess a little....I mean we are building a house, I started a new job, Jack started preschool, my husband works like crazy and well I just found out I am pregnant and recently had two I guess there is a little stress.... He laughed and said, "I guess you have A LOT going on." So there you have it. That can pretty much sum up almost a year in the making in addition to a couple of trips and constant laughs provided my Jack.

Summer of 2011:
* After 2 miscarriages and lots of tests to figure out why I was miscarrying they discovered I have factor 2 and factor 5 and two other funky things with my blood that gives me a higher percentage of having a blood clot when I am pregnant. Relieved that we found out what was going on and hopefully prevent blood clotting my next pregnancy
*Found out I was pregnant and immediately started taking daily shots to prevent blood clots
*Started a new job with Cook Children's hospital. I love it and and it is perfect for this time in my life. Super flexible.
*Trip to the beach cottage in Pacific Grove CA
*Trips to UT. Needed to get out the heat of TX and also enjoyed help for Jack since I was pretty sick
*Sick most of the summer with morning sickness (or all-day sickness) but grateful to be carrying baby
*moved from our townhouse to a temporary apartment while we were looking for a home. Not the best temp housing, stories to come...
*Decided to build a house and extend our temporary housing
*Jack took swimming and gymnastics and was adorable

Fall of 2011
*Trip to Fresno for the blessing of our beautiful niece
*Trip to Disneyland to celebrate Brennan's birthday. Also met up with Ann Arbor friends Grays and Prices and randomly saw and visited with a good friend from High School
*Trip to Arkansas with the Edwards for Thanksgiving. Jack deleted all our pictures of our trip. So sad. Enjoyed hiking, feeding fish, visiting the underground caves, miniature golfing and enjoying being relaxing and being with friends. Jack discovered climbing on rocks and discovered a new sense on confidence (a little scary....)
*Shawn took a weekend trip to watch BYU play in Hawaii and visit my brother in Hawaii. Sad I was not able to go:( No traveling too far when I am pregnant
*Enjoyed lots of trips to the park and hanging out with friends
*Jack took several recreation classes with his best friend Gavin
*Jack enjoyed joy school with his best friends: Gavin, Molly, Lucy and Walker
*Halloween: Jack was spiderman. He is obsessed with superheroes. Went trick n treating with a bunch of friends
*Several visits from Shawn's parents which are always welcomed

Winter of 2012
*Christmas in Utah with my family. Enjoyed seeing friends and family. Lots of laughs and good times with my mom's side of the family. Especially during our annual white elephant party.
*Moved into our new house. Yay! Love our neighborhood and community
*Jack started swim lessons. He loves it
*Discovered that American Airlines was for sure going to declare bankruptcy. Not the best timing.... Thank goodness Shawn is not in an union and his job should be safe as it is based on evaluations
*Discovered I had gestational diabetes so not only did I give myself daily shots in the stomach but I also got to prick myself several times a day to check my sugar levels
*February 23, 2012 welcomed the birth of our beautiful daughter Adelaide Claire Morris 7 lbs 1 oz 19 inches at 11:18am. All the shots and pricks were worth it and I would do it all over again. So happy to have her here happy and healthy. Huge stress gone knowing that I did not miscarry. She is a complete different baby than Jack. Slept 6.5 hours straight the day she got home from the hospital and continues to get better (most nights...)
*Sister moved to TX. Love having her here and Jack is in heaven. Just wish she lived a tiny bit closer
*Ended up in the hospital for 4 days due to an infection. My mom flew in to help with kids. So grateful for moms, sisters and friends!

Present: Enjoying lots of laughter with Jack's cute personality and loving watching Adelaide grow and develop. She just started to smile and I am in heaven.

I think this sums it up almost a year. Pictures to come......