Tuesday, March 26, 2013

November 2012

November was a busy month for our family as well. We had a couple of visitors and we took our family pictures which are worth it but always a lot of work. 

My mom came into town to help us with our pictures and too see the kids.

Jack riding his Texas cow.

Jack loves his stuffed animals his Aunt Rachel gave him.

We sold Shawn's car and upgraded to a Toyota Sienna 2012. I had to convince Shawn but we are loving it. I love the GPS, automatic car door and trunk, keyless, beepers that tell me if I am too close to something and all the room, etc.... Seriously never thought I would have or yet alone like a van but I love it. It is the perfect car for the point of life we are in right now. We flew to UT for Thanksgiving and we picked up the car and Shawn drove it home. Need to take a picture of our car....
The kids taking pictures with their nanny. Love these too....
This seems to be a daily occurrence at our house. Jack loves taking off the couch cushions and making forts....
My nanny is always taking pictures of the kids when I am working and sending them too me.
Jack's school pictures.
In Utah for Thanksgiving. Love being with my family and eating my mom's delicious food. My brother could not make it so we skyped in from HI.
Visiting my Grandpa Jack
Visiting Shawn's Grandpa
Before we bought the mini van we found out I was pregnant..... Yay!!!!
The one fun thing that I don't have pictures of was that my two good friends from Jr. High/High School came in town for a wedding. It was my friend's birthday so we got messages and then spent the day at a Spa. It was seriously so fun and relaxing. We also went to dinner with the husbands. It was fun to catch up and laugh about the 'good ole days.'

My aunt and uncle came into town. We had lots of fun with them. We went and had Korean messages which was quite the experience. Made for lots of laughter and stories and then we headed to a Korean feast. It was another experience with lots of food. My mom was in town as well.

Friday, March 1, 2013

October 2012

October was a busy month. Lots of Halloween parties and festivities. We also made one quick trip to Seattle and one quick trip to Salt Lake City. Busy month!

Shawn's sister blessed her baby up in Seattle and since it was not too crazy (all relative) at Shawn's work we decided to go for the special occasion. We literally left Saturday morning at 6am and came back Monday morning. It was a long plane ride for such a short amount of time but it was nice to make the special blessing. Hazel is the sixth child of Shawn's sister. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the blessing. We were able to go see the house my aunt and uncle are remodeling. We can't wait for it to be done. It is pretty amazing on Mercer Island right on the lake. Shawn can't wait to go boating. We were also able to go to Shawn's brother's house and go to dinner with them. Then we spent the rest of the time at Shawn's sister's house. Sydney was obsessed with Adelaide. It was super cute. It is fun to have lots of cousins. Wish we got to Seattle more often.


 Shawn's work Halloween Party. The marketing department goes all out. This year's theme was super heroes. Jack was in heaven. We love going to this party every year. Jack also gets to go trick or treating to Shawn's co-workers. The pictures do not do justice.

Pumpkin carving.
The kids and I did a quick visit to UT. I was able to go to my first mission reunion. It was fun to see my mission president and his wife and some of the missionaries.
Visiting my dad's father and wife in UT.
 Adelaide loves going to UT.

On Halloween our friends had a little party before trick or treating.
Jack and his projects he loves to do.
We enjoyed the nice weather. Lots of going to parks.
 Adelaide loves music.

 Kids starting to play together.

 Adelaide getting into things. Yep, ate a paint brush....

 Jack looking good!
One day I really needed to get something done and Adelaide wanted to be held so I gave her a sucker. She was in heaven....
 Jack got his first fat lip. He would not let us put any ice on it but I guess a band-aid makes everything feel better. We put one on his chin and he was fine....

 Jack could spend hours in a bubble bath.

We painted pumpkins with friends.
We hit up a pumpkin patch for family home evening.


We got boo-ed and loved passing it along to neighbors.
Our neighbors had a Halloween party. She planned lots of fun things for the kids to do. Jack loved it. 

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo for their Halloween Party. It was a nice day and lots of fun.
Our friends painted our faces for our ward Trunk or Treat.