Sunday, March 20, 2011


This has always been one of my favorite childhood pictures. I just think you can see each of our little personalities shine through.... We also look like little homeless children but fond memories! Oh, to be a kid again!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dallas Zoo

We are lucky to live right in between the Fort Worth Zoo and the Dallas Zoo. Today we went with some friends to the Dallas Zoo for the first time. Jack loved it! It is actually a very cool zoo. In the new parts of the zoo you feel like you are in Africa. Although, I have never been to Africa, it is what I imagine it to be like.

Jack was able to feed the giraffes (which he loved....) and the goats (he did not love feeding them but he loved latching on to their fur and pretending like he was walking them...). At the zoo they also have this fun playground with a little stream through it that they can splash around.

I thought I would hate living somewhere that was warm/hot but I am rather enjoying it. It is nice to be outside a lot. I am already getting excited for the days that we just spend at the pool.

Not the best pictures. Jack was having too much fun to pause and smile for his mom.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jack and Buzz

Jack and Buzz are best buddies. They love reading together, sleeping together, playing together and eating together. Everything Jack gets, Buzz must get also at Jack's request of course..... I think it is too cute. The other day Buzz was in time out for being naughty. He was apparently not behaving during reading time. haha..... Too be a kid again! Elbert Einstein once said, "imagination is more powerful than knowledge." Nothing like an imagination of a kid.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Last weekend to headed to Austin Texas to take a train ride and see the city with our friends: Takaharu, Tomoko and Hatz. We love them! We met them in Michigan while Takaharu was doing a one year law program. We are lucky because they are currently in Houston until July and they will be heading to New York for a couple of years. Jack and Hatz are seriously so cute together. They just love each other! I hope that is a sign of the future....... We joke that their kids would have 6 dimples on their face because both Jack and Hatz have 2 pronounced dimples.

Anyways we sure did a great time with them and miss them terribly! I have to put a side note in here that we missed Emi and Lisa terribly as well. Jack and Hatz are not complete without their little buddy Lisa. Someday we will make it to Japan to visit them:)

We feel so grateful to have such amazing friends!

Train ride. When Hatz spotted Jack in the parking lot she came running as she could toward him. It was too cute. They quickly grabbed hands and were not going to be separated. Jack cried every time we had to get into our car because he wanted Hatz. He would yell "Hatz don't go."

Have you ever seen a cuter girl?

The Town the Train stops in for lunch.

Jack had a messy day. He hardly ever spills on himself. But he spilled a lot water twice on himself so he ended up in Hatz extra pants. I heard a lady walk by us say, "oh, he is a boy..." Poor Jack!

They did a gun show for us. Not the best picture (all I had to represent it...). The other pics did not turn out.

Capital. We had a picnic (enjoying BBQ of course..) at the capital. It is so beautiful. Jack and Hatz enjoyed running around chasing squirrels and playing with Toy Story characters. Our friends knew more history about US and Texas then we did, kind of embarrassing..... Texas has been owned by 6 different countries, who would have known.

We went and had ice cream at Amy's delicious!

In the morning we went and checkout of the university campus. Beautiful. Then headed to church with the Kanayama Family, it was this beautiful church built in the 1800 and then went and had yummy Mexican food. Tomoko and Emi made me a scrapbook of all our fun memories in Ann Arbor. It almost made me cry!

France Day 2

Day 2

The second day we had great intentions of getting up early and taking a train to the Palace of Versailles. However the time zone difference got to the best of us and we did not wake up until 10am. Which is totally not like us, so that plan went out the window. Here was our plan for the rest of the day.

Museum of Rodin

Napoleon's tomb: I don't remember going to Napoleaon's tomb and since I am reading War and Peace right now, it was kind of cool. Shawn loved the weapon museum which is part of Napoleon's tomb.

Next we stopped for a yummy lunch. I seriously love the cafes over in Paris. They are so unique. Then we continued to the Eiffel Tower.


I thought this was funny! Obviously neither one of us was into the 'kiss.' I guess we should just stick to smiling.

Next we headed over to Basilique de Sacre-Coeur. This cathedral is spectacular on the outside. You climb up lost of stairs and the view from the top is amazing!

I really enjoyed walking a long the river and enjoying the buildings.

As we were walking we came across this alley with lots of fun restaurants. We stopped and had fondue. The meat that we cooked at our table was delicious!

Gelato for desert!

Ended the night at Arc de Triomphe and a walk along Champs-Elysees. Perfect little get-away!
We opted on the other museums, I know you think we are crazy. We just did not have time to see everything and the other museums take a good couple of hours and we wanted to be outside a little more.

Thanks Shawn!