Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Acapulco Mexico

For Thanksgiving we looked up flights as to where we could go. The only place that was wide open with lots of seats was Acapulco Mexico (reasoning for lots of seats is that they just opened up a flight there and it had only been open for 2 weeks). We decided the night before to go. We knew that we could not get anywhere with family and since we don't have family in Texas we thought let's just go somewhere. Shawn has been working long hours and weekends and since I started working we needed a little get-away and this trip was absolutely perfect. To be honest we were nervous about going to Mexico but right when we landed we felt safe. We had an eventful experience getting on the flight but it would take me too long to write about it.

We arrived in beautiful Acapulco on Thursday afternoon. Acapulco is seriously so beautiful! Thursday we just lounged around at the beach and resort. On Friday we took a city tour. Our first stop (that we had no idea was part of it) was to a jewelry store (of course they always try to sneak one in..) Then, we went to the hotel where President Kennedy had his honey moon which is pretty ran down but has the most amazing view of the city. There we took pictures and enjoyed the scenery. Next we went to see the famous cliff divers. Acapulco is famous for this. The youngest diver is 9 and the oldest is 50. They jump into the water swim over to the cliff, climb up the cliff and dive off the cliff. They are amazing! Jack loved watching them. He could cheer for them and then say "more divers." I was scared for them and hoping no one would get hurt. Then we drove around Acapulco and then went back to our resort.

Saturday and Sunday we spent the whole day at the beach and the resort. We seriously had so much fun just relaxing, meeting new people and being together. It was a very nontraditional Thanksgiving for us and we missed being with family. But there was also something very special being with just of three of us. I LOVE my family and love being with my boys. The whole time I was just thinking how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family. I love that I can have so much fun with them. They make me laugh all the time. I have to say that Jack was also so good. He slept the whole flight both there and back, was a good sleeper at the resort, played well at the beach. He even played by himself so I could read and Shawn could watch the football game which is unusual for him. He said "hola" to everyone he met, and off course made us laugh all the time. He let lots of people touch his hair, take pictures of him and gave hi-five and bones to everyone that would let him. Overall, for him he did amazingly well.

Now back to real life...ugh!

The resort. We were in a little bay which almost felt like a lake. The waves were tiny which was nice but still scared Jack. It was very quite and peaceful. There was a pool on each level but Jack just wanted to play at the beach. We had our own little private beach that was contained. It was nice because it prevented Jack from wondering off. It was perfect for us. The food was also really good but also really pricey.

The Beach

The City Tour

If you look closely the divers are on the cliff. There are about 8 of them with four being on the top.

Fort Worth Zoo

Jack and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo with our friends Gavin and Amy. Gavin and Jack took an instant liking to each other in nursery and lucky for me I adore his mother Amy. The Zoo is actually a really neat zoo. We have two big zoos (Fort Worth and Dallas) within about 30 mins from us. At the Fort Worth zoo they have this area where you can feed birds. I knew going into it that this would be hard for me but I didn't want Jack to be fearful of animals and birds so I put my fear aside and bought the seed to feed the birds. Right when we went inside about ten or more birds (not sure exactly how many too me it seemed like 50) flew on us to eat the seed. I totally freaked out, I mean screamed really loud, dropped the seed (luckily not Jack although I almost did) and ran out. So embarrassing but it was just instinct for me. I did not realize what I had done until I was almost out the door. This poor man witnessed the whole thing and picked up my seed and asked me if he could help Jack feed the birds. I happily obliged. Jack loved feeding the birds. The hilarious thing about this situation is that I grew up with a bird who would climb all over me. But as I have gotten older I just can't stand birds on me. Jack loved the zoo and he loved being with Gavin.


We had a fun Halloween but I have few pictures to show for it. Mainly because Jack hated putting and keeping his costume on. I bought face paint as well but the custom was victory for me and I was not going to push it. Jack was really cute. He picked up the concept of "trick or treat" fast. I thought he would be happy trick or treating at the most 5 houses. Well I was wrong. Shawn and I were out there for about a hour. Jack would run up to each house and say "tick o tweat" and everyone thought he was adorable. If someone gave him a candy he would smile and put it back and grab a handful and then say "dank-you" and run off to the next house. Too funny! I think he was only able to get away with it because of his age. We kept saying "only one" but Jack was set in his way.... He had to take the candy himself. Needless to say he ended up with LOTS of candy. Also there was this huge group of people from India that Jack loved. He followed them around and when all the kids saw Jack he did his "tick or tweat" show and all the kids took candy out of their bags and gave to Jack while patting his hair.Can you believe that! Jack had his show down. Anyways, it was a fun night. Next year hopefully we will have better success with the custom.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So our lives have been a little crazy and I am a little behind in my posting. So the next couple of post might be out of order..... I started working. I am working full time for 7 weeks and then go down to part time. I love my job but I must admit it has been hard to be away from my little guy. I love being challenged professionally while helping others make progress with their goals. Not to mention that the people I am working with are great. We are all adjusting to our new life. I had lots of debates about whether to hire a nanny or do a day care. I won't bore you with all the details but I decided to go with this day care or they call it "early preschool" for Jack. Jack had a hard time at first but now he is enjoying it. Sometimes I wish I could go to his school because they are always doing really fun things.

For Thanksgiving Jack's school had a Thanksgiving dinner with all the parents. His school is pretty big. They have children from birth to kindergarten (they have a couple of private kindergarten classes). It was nice to get to know his teachers better and the parents of his classmates. We were able to make some new friends at dinner. Jack loved sitting at his table and showing us his school. The food and company was great fun.

Lately Jack has been obsessed with this hat. This is very surprising because up until now Jack has hated hats. My aunt sent us this cute hat for Jack about a year ago but it was too big for him and he hated hats. Now, he loves wearing his owl hat and insists on wearing it to school everyday. As you can see it is getting a little too small for him but he does not care and neither to do I:)

We are off to Mexico for Thanksgiving. Hope that we are safe! Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are so grateful for wonderful friendships!