Tuesday, April 8, 2014

July 2013

Gray Austin Morris was born July 2 at 7 pound 7 ounces and 21 inches. 

This was by far my most easy pregnancy, delivery and recovery. I was induced so everything was planned ahead to time. Shawn's mom flew a couple days before I was induced and stayed until the 5 of July and my mom came on the 4th and stayed almost 2 weeks. I was so grateful for the help.

Shawn took me to the hospital on the 1st of July. It was pretty full since everyone was being induced before the holiday. We had to wait for a little while until they had a room available. Then we went into the room and they put me on Pitocin and Gray was born the next morning. I could feel Gray coming out so I told the nurse I think I was delivering. The doctor rushed in and 2 pushes later Gray was born. It was such an easy delivery. It was so nice to have 2 days alone to bond with baby Gray. He was such a sweet, easy going baby. He slept a lot and we cuddled a lot. The hospital was a revolving door and I was happy to head home on July 4.
Jack was so excited to meet his new little brother. Adelaide was happy but not exactly sure what was going on but she held him and was really cute. They mostly liked playing with the remote controlled bed:) Grandma Sheila was there to meet baby Gray as well.
Shawn and Jack came to pick Gray and I up after they went to the fourth of July parade. I love how our town is decorated with American flags.

Jack and GG made a cake for the 4th of July and we set up chairs in our front driveway and watched the fireworks from the High School. It was a perfect 4th of July.
Shawn took the kids to the ward 4 of July party. He won for the most tender meat.

Grandma Sheila brought a shirt back from Dubai for Jack. He loves it!

Uncle Steve came out for a couple of days for an interview. It was fun having him and of course we went to Babe's.
Then my best friend Sandy Whitaker came out with her baby Tess to take newborn pictures of Baby Gray. It was a perfect weekend full of cooking, card playing and picture taking. She is seriously the best best friend. I love the pictures she took of baby Gray.

Jack went to Vacation Bible School and loved it. Everyday he asks when we can go back.
My good friend Somphein was in town so she came over and we went to lunch. It was fun to catch up. It had been a couple years since I had seen her.

Random pics of cute baby Gray including his first bath tub in the sink.
We mastered bubble tea and hummus during our spare time.
Jack enjoyed playing at his babysitter's house.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

June 2013

June was somewhat of the lazy month. We were playing low key and getting ready for the arrival of Baby Gray. 

Shawn and I went on one last fun date night before our dates nights ended for a couple of months. We took a sushi making class. It was a blast! It was us and a bachelorette party. They were pretty funny and kept us laughing. We love groupon. We can try new things at a discounted rate.
Jack had his end of the year program for his preschool. He was so excited and kept giving me the thumbs up. I love this age.
Jack's teacher gave us a book of all of Jack's favorite things. This one cracked me up and is so true.
Jack loves swimming. He really loves it. It was his last day. I took him out because of the baby. He loved his teacher and his class. He is getting really good.
Church. Jack loves going to Church and Adelaide loves when we substitute his class. His class is large and little rowdy so a nice walk was in the happening.
My work had a surprise baby shower for me. It was super nice of them.

My friends really wanted to give me a shower but since it was my third I was hesitant and agreed to a diaper and wipes shower. It was a lot of fun and my friend Angela Jolley and Heather Ales made it so cute. I did not get any pictures of my friends or me:( But here are the cute decorations.

Our best friends the Rasmussen's moved the month of June. So Jack and Gavin who are best friends spent as much time together as possible. We went to Medieval Times for a special night out. Jack did not touch his food but he had fun with Gavin. They had lots of sleepover and playdates. They are two peas in a pod.

Jack loves going to his babysitter's house. He loves playing with Owen and Emma.

Random pics of playing, bike rides, Korean food and being silly.