Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer fun 2011

Summer of 2011: consisted of.....

Swimming and parties

Lake Fun

   Friends visiting.  

the JFK museum.

                 Jack's last swim lesson. Hatz came to watch. They are two peas in a pod.

                                                                  Lego land
                                                               Lots of crafts.
 Start of the super hero obsession. Jack did not have a cape so we created one.
                                Last day of school. Jack's favorite teacher Miss. Ghandi.
                                                       Gymnastics. He loves it.
                                                                   Lots of napping.
 Several trips to Utah to play with GG, auntie Rachel, cousins, dogs and friends

 Highlight was finding a duckling

 Finding out that I was pregnant
 Ice cream with neighbors
 Fourth of July fun

 Moving into temporary housing while our house was being built
 Changes at American Airlines
 Trip to the beach cottage in Pacific Grove, CA with GG and Shawn's family

 Back to UT, coloring body with frosting.....
 Fun day in Park City, UT
 Celebrating Shawn and Lilly's birthday in UT
 Back home and much needed naps!
That sums up the summer for us. Lots of good times and memories.