Thursday, May 20, 2010

My mom came to Michigan for my brother's graduation. While he was finishing up finals we went to Holland MI for the tulip festival. It was a lovely Dutch town. We really enjoyed seeing the windmill and learning about the history of windmills. It made us want to go to the real Holland. Who knew windmill's had their own language and so much history. This windmill was named Dezwann. The tulip festival did not have as many tulips as the one in Washington but they had a ton of parades and activities.

Watching the parade.

Jack loved getting spoiled by his GG. What kid would not love two yummy treats! He choose the M&M treat. He saw it in the glass and kept saying "more" and pointing to this particular treat. Too cute! GG could not resist.

The windmill park


Cheers to Shawn! He graduated with his MBA. I think he did a stellar job juggling school, family, church, friends, and trying to get a job (not in that particular order but you get the idea....). It actually went by faster than we thought it would. I am really going to miss having him around so much.

Fit 5 K

Right before graduation we ran a 5k with a bunch of friends. It was Shawn's first 5k and he did great. He actually left me at the end (while pushing the stroller) because "he could not let a 70 year old lady pass him up!" A lot of older and younger people passed me up and I was fine with that:) It was fun to have so many friends running the race. It was my friend's Emi and Tomoko's first race as well and they also did awesome. Jonelle and Natalie, who are my inspirational runners, both placed. They are truly amazing runners.

Before the race.
After the race. The MBA crew that ran the race. Even the kids ran a kids race.
Shawn and I
Our playgroup friends after the race.
I love all these people and will really miss them. They are all so inspiring to me. I am lucky to have such great friends.

The business school held a MBA kids graduation. It was really nice. They had diplomas, a slide presentation, a speaker (the dean), and lunch. It was cute to watch all the kids graduate.