Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First ou-wee

So Jack is starting to want to stand up in the bath tub. I am constantly telling him to sit down and not to stand up. Well, of course Jack stood up, reached for something and slipped and hit his face against the side of the bath tub. He nicked the top of his eye brow. It was bleeding a lot but once we cleaned it up, it really was not that bad. Hopefully, he will learn not to stand up in the bath tub. It took Jack several slammed fingers in our drawers before he figured out how to shut the drawer without getting his fingers caught. But now (for good or for bad) he can open and close drawers without hurting himself.

Here is his first ou-wee that required a bandaid.

Jack and his favorite things...

After dinner we give Jack a bath and then he played for a little while before we put him to bed. I went into his bedroom and this is how I found him. I don't know where he finds his binkies. Shawn and I are always trying to find them when we put him down for bedtime. Jack seems to stash them away somewhere and gets them when we are not looking. So funny. He is only supposed to have his binky when he goes to bed or is in the car. Also, my friend sent us this cute bag as part of a birthday gift bag for those who attended her son's birthday party. Since we live in different states she was kind enough to send us a gift bag to make us feel included in their party celebration. Jack loves this bag. Every day he finds it and puts it around his neck and then crawls along his merry way. Too cute!

Auto Show

If there is one thing that you need to do while living in the Detroit area it is going to the annual auto show. That is according to Shawn. Truth be told, if we were living here next year I would have had Shawn go with his guy friends so that they could ooh and ahhh together. I am just not that into cars but it was neat to go. One of those: did it once-check off the list-don't need to do it again excursions. It was pretty crowded and Jack was tired and cranky so we had to leave early. The drive to Detroit was very interesting. There are so many abandoned houses, it is crazy. There are some big houses that are just empty, one after another. I really wanted to go drive around the neighborhood but I think it would have been too scary. It is sad what has happened to Detroit.

I love the Volvo SUV.
Shawn was loving this car.
They had all these mini cars. I am not sure what they were for exactly but they were so cute! I would love a little city made out of these cars. They just seem so friendly. There was a mail truck, police car, golf cart, and little cars for normal people. So adorable. I want one.