Friday, January 30, 2009

Go to Hell!

Hell, Michigan that is. Nice place but wouldn't want to live there.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

MBA kiddos

Jack was ready for game night. He takes after his dad....

In our apartment complex we have become good friends with four other MBA families. We started a dinner group which is so wonderful and I would recommend anyone doing it. How can you beat only cooking once a week? Recently we started doing a dessert group where we rotate making a dessert and then we get together and play games. I know, not the best idea when you are trying to lose the baby weight but it tastes so GOOD! Tonight Natalie made homemade crepes, ice cream and hot fudge. It was really good. We decided to get all the kids together to take some pics. Here are the cute kiddos. Poor Sydney is outnumbered by the boys.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jack Overload, but we Love him!

Okay this post is mostly for my mom because it might be Jack overload for the rest of you. My mom is constantly bugging me for more pics. She needs her "Jack Fixing" for the day as she calls it. Do you think she needs more grand babies? We are currently trying to get Jack on a schedule. Jack is on day 3 of a modified schedule that I am following from the book "The Contented Little Baby Book" that a friend let me borrow. So far he is doing good. Today he only cried a little during one nap. He is still waking every hour in a half during the night. I am hoping this changes!

Update with Shawn: He is in the process of interviewing for summer internships. It is pretty competitive, so we are crossing our fingers that he gets something he likes. He also loves playing and cuddling with Jack (at least until Jack starts to cry, then Jack magically ends up by my side). Please ignore the wet spot on Jack shirt as he spit up right before we took the pictures.

Picture time, yeah! Jack thinking, "Do I have to, I don't want to?"
"I really don't want to take pictures! Please stop!"

"Well I guess if you insist, I am pretty cute."
"Actually, this is kind of fun, I have both of my parents full attention, not bad for a little guy!"
"Okay enough parents! I see you every day. Oh, I found something better to look at.""Okay, I am bored. On to the next activity for the day....."

How do I wake up a sleeping baby, when I have tried most everything and he needs to get on a schedule and sleep less during the day so he will sleep at night?

A wet washcloth might do the trick.
Yep it did and he hates it! I am such a mean mother.
Hopefully, it will keep him up for a little while because he needs to stay awake for another hour.
Oh, no after two minutes he is starting to drift off.... Any advice?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Quick Update.

Okay, it has been about a month so I will give a quick update. Right now our lives consist of burping, diapering, changing, and feeding. Well, Shawn just started school again, so this is my life. It has been nice to have Shawn around. He has been a great help. He has been making meals and cleaning the house. I will miss this as he returns to school. Jack still is confused with his nights and days, so we sleep during the day and are awake at night. I am hoping this will change soon. If anyone has any good suggestions for this let me know:) We are loving being parents. We can sit and stare at all the funny faces Jack makes all day long. I love holding him and think I am starting a bad habit because I could literally hold him all day long. Christmas was very low key for us. We enjoyed having family around. We are just so happy to have a healthy baby, which was the greatest gift. Please forgive us for not sending out cards this year, as we have been busy with Jack but we promise to send them out next year.

Here are a couple more pics of Jack. He misses his Grandma's who held him all the time. Oh, the pics on the post below of Jack when he was three days old were taken by my sister in law. She does a great job!
Jack giving the "stare down." This face makes us laugh and he does it all the time.

Jack with uncle Jason (Shawn's brother)
Jack with Grandpa Morris
Jack with Grandma Morris and below with Grandma Gray