Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winter 2011-2012

Winter was a lot of fun. We did several little Christmas festivities. We went to this little pioneer town where it was lit up by candle light. They had old pioneer homes set up in a village. The church had music, the houses were all decorated in old fashioned decorations and there was a Santa and crafts for the kids. We went with our good friends. The boys really enjoyed it.

Jack took a bunch of recreational classes (gym, Christmas decorating and a science class). At the end they had a party and Santa was there.
For Christmas we headed to Utah to be with friends and family. Shawn had to work a ton so he only made it for a couple of days. I just realized that I did not take too many pictures. We had our annual white elephant gift exchange which is always the cause of hysterical laughs.
Lilly got a funny outfit.

Jack got a puzzle that he loved.

Cam took the dare to eat pig feet. Gross!
My Grandparents

Christmas morning. Jack in heaven.....

Shawn's grandpa

At the very end of December we moved into our new house. We love our new home and especially love a yard for Jack to play in.
trying to keep Jack busy
While we organize this mess. Not a good idea to move right before you are due..


Random pictures.....
Jack started his first day of Preschool in January
My friends showered me with love and threw the cutest baby shower for Adelaide in January. It was a fun girls night out. I was so spoiled at my shower. So lucky to have such great friends. Again no pictures of the girls. I am realizing that during this pregnancy I was horrible at taking pictures...
We waited until January to celebrate Jack's birthday because we wanted to host it at our new house and there was just so much going on in December. He requested a spiderman birthday cake. My good friend Marianne helped me decorate it. We had costumes for all the kids to dress up as a super hero. We found an adult costume for Shawn who pretended to be spiderman. He taught all the kids some special spiderman moves and the kids did an obstacle course with their new tricks and shoot webs. They had a blast. I think Jack realized that Shawn was spiderman. It was really cute: I could see the wheels turning and Jack got this big smile on his face and said "are you my dad." He was thinking that Shawn was spiderman who was his dad. It was super cute and too this day he tells people that spiderman came to his birthday party.

Shawn went to Hawaii to visit my brother and see BYU play Hawaii. Unfortunately since I was a high risk pregnancy I could not travel on an airplane for more than 3 hours. I was sad not to be able to go but in the end it was better to safe then sorry. Plus Shawn and Steve had a nice guy trip.

 Jack and Gavin two peas in a pod but sometimes they get into trouble.....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

It has started.....

Sibling fighting

Scenario: in the car riding to church, Jack 3.5 years old and Adelaide 4 months. Adelaide cooing and smiling at Jack in the backseat.
Jack: Adelaide stop talking to me.
Adelaide: continues cooing and smiling at Jack
Jack: Adelaide I said stop talking to me. I don't want to talk to you.
Adelaide: continues to be her happy little self
Adelaide: continues talking in her own language even more because Jack is talking.
Jack: turns the opposite way and stops looking at her acting extremely annoyed that she won't stop. Then he says tomorrow he will talk to her but not today!

Oh boy it has begun.....fighting over ridiculous things.......

Don't know how Jack can get mad at this sweet little face.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fall of 2011

Fall of 2011


Fall is the season of birthdays for us. Most of Jack's friends all have birthdays in the Fall. So it was lots of fun to go to lots of parties to celebrate.

 Jack started Joy School with his friends Lucy, Molly, Walker and Gavin. I don't think we ever got a picture of all of them. He loved it until we moved and made lots of crafts.

We headed to Disneyland for Brennan's 3rd birthday. Brennan had been so excited for months so it was fun to be there when he finally was able to go celebrate. Plus we love Kristy and Travis. Jack and Brennan are always best buddies and born about 2 months apart. Right when they saw each other they held hands and started running to Disneyland. Since we were only there a day it was all about the boys. We really only went on kid rides. My highlight was seeing how happy Disneyland made the boys. At 11 pm Jack was yelling "more rides." We also saw our friends from Michigan the Gray's and the Price's plus my high school friend Jon Mason and his wife. How fun! I think this is our new tradition for Brennan's birthday.

Fun pictures of the boys!

For Halloween we went to the Arboretum with our friends. It was a lot of craziness with all our kids but a bundle to fun as well. 

My friend Elise took some family pictures for Christmas cards. Jack was very cooperative because a new spiderman was the reward.

 Favorite thing to do it play superheroes with his best friend Gavin.
Airplane crafts on our way to Utah

Grandpa Jack's house with auntie Rachel

A Halloween festival

My sister always gets Jack a cake and celebrates his "birthday" when we are in UT. This is one spoiled kiddo. Jack was obsessed with spiders....
Point of the mountain petting zoo.
Shawn's work put on a big Halloween production. This year's theme was Dr. Seuss. It was really cool. The marketing floor spends the whole week decorating and designing.

October 28 we went to the BYU football game. Jack surprisingly watched the entire game.
Jack trying to comb his friend's hair. I thought it was pretty cute.
Ward Halloween party.

Trick or Treating with friends. We had pizza and then went out. For some reason Jack only wanted to wear his superman shirt. I went with it because I don't have much energy to fight over things that don't really matter when I am pregnant.


To be honest I can't really remember a lot about November and I don't have any pictures. We drove to the Ozark mountains in Arkansas for Thanksgiving. Shawn's parents had a time share that we used. It was actually beautiful and really fun. Unfortunately on the way home Jack was playing games on our phone and deleted every picture/video we took. I was pretty devastated since I had so many cute pictures of Jack and Shawn.

Highlights of Arkansas: Jack fishing for the first time, feeding the fish was hysterical, hiking, miniature golfing, Jack so proud of himself for climbing the tall wall of rocks in front of our house, our friends the Edwards joined us for a couple of days, playing games, and the coolest part was seeing the caves at Blanchard Springs Cavern in the Ozark National Forest. I so wish we had pictures of this trip. The caves were seriously amazing and the drive through the forest was beautiful. We also went to a fish hatchery but it was just stinky and not that cool. The lakes and rivers of Arkansas are beautiful. Who would have known that Arkansas has so much to offer. I hope we get back again. This is the only picture I had. Jack loved the huge tub in our bedroom.