Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Jack and I met Shawn in Chicago. Shawn drove back to Michigan from Seattle with his mom while Jack and I did a quick trip to SLC. Then we decided to fly into Chicago rather than Detroit so that we would not have to drive both directions with Jack as we wanted to explore Chicago this summer. Chicago is only around 4 hours away from Ann Arbor. Shawn and I both fell in love with Chicago. The architecture is amazing! Compared to Seattle (I love Seattle) it seemed to be cleaner, at least in the parts we visited. There were also way less homeless people on the streets. There is so much to do in Chicago but unfortunately Shawn and I only had two days to explore so we tried to hit up the highlights. I would love to go back some day.....

Okay, I have to tell you that I love Shawn and I stayed at a 4 star hotel for really cheap in the best part of Chicago. We were within walking distance to everything and the hotel was fabulous. The only problem we did not factor into our trip was that parking was just as much as our hotel. Okay not quite but almost!

Here are some highlights of our trip.
Shawn and Jack in line for the Willis Tower (use to be Sears Tower)
The new sky deck. You can walk out onto this sky deck and look down to the ground. It is all glass. It is a little scary but really cool. It was funny to watch people edge their way onto the sky deck and then watch those that refused to go onto it because they were too afraid.
My view from the sky deck.
Shawn's view from the sky deck.
View from the top of the Wallis Tower.
Jack and Shawn on top of the Wallis Building. Jack was feeling a little sick, poor guy.
Our first night we ate the famous deep dish pizza. It was delicious but I am sure totally unhealthy. Also, we had the best Indian food we have ever had at the India House. It was so delicious!
Millennium Park fountain. Kind of weird but unique. The face would change and then it would shoot out water. The kids loved it.

Jelly Bean Sculpture
Funny picture taken off of the jelly bean sculpture.
There was a concert in the park that we listened too.
Jack chillin' in the stroller as we explore chicago.
Jack with his crazy thick sunscreen. We were laughing really hard along with everyone else on our tour boat.
Shawn, Jack and I on the tour. Jack is kind of tired at this point.
The light house on Lake Michigan
Jack and I on the boat tour. We went on the river to see all the cool buildings and then also on Lake Michigan.

Football Season has Started...

On Saturday we had our first tailgate party for the season. Michigan people are crazy about their football teams. People started tailgating around 7am and continued into the wee hours of the morning. I think it is a lot of fun. Last year was somewhat disappointing but this year has started out amazing both for Michigan and BYU. What an amazing game Michigan played on Saturday and Shawn was there to see all the action unfold.

The MBA Gang

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay, I am trying to get caught up with our summer so my post might be out of order. I am going to skip some for now and blog about our fun camping trip.

Over labor day weekend we decided to go camping with our friends Steve, Jonelle and Carter. I was not quite sure how it would be with Jack but despite of lack of sleep we had a blast. We went to a spot near Brighton, MI about 40 mins away from us and it was beautiful! We were right on a lake that was clean and pretty and near lots of trails for hiking and biking. The campsite was completely full for the weekend. After we put the kids to sleep with no problems might I add (we brought our sound machine and Jack fell asleep like a champ) we were sitting around the campfire chatting about life, trying to tell scary stories, roasting our smores discussing that despite how much work it was to go it was totally worth it. Then the night began...... We thought the night would be quiet and peaceful but after our neighbors stopped partying the kiddos woke up. So basically none of us got much sleep but we would do it again! It was really nice to get away from everything and enjoy nature. Jack had a blast playing with Carter.

Steve and Shawn setting up the tents. Our friends let us borrow their gigantic tent. We called it the Taj Mahal. It was seriously bigger than some RVs.

Jonelle and Carter. Look at Carter's eyes they are so beautiful!
Jack was so happy to play on the tarp.
Jack playing on the tarp playing (or eating) the tennis ball.
On our trail there was this cool drinking fountain that you pump.
On our hike. Jack usually hates carrier but we bought this backpack and he loved it!

Carter and Jack playing (or eating...) in the sand.
Shawn and Jack. Jack loved the water.
Steve and Carter.
We were not totally prepared for a beach so Jack did not have any toys or his floaty device but he could have cared less. All he wanted to do was to eat the sand! I could not get him to look but for a picture he was too mesmerized by his new favorite thing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My first 5K!!

I successfully finished my first 5k. I know that it does not sound like much of an accomplishment but for me it was!! 6 of my Ann Arbor friends decided we should do a girls night out and run this "Red Carpet Run." It was a lot of fun. People were dressed up in prom outfits and they gave away wards for the best dressed. There were some pretty awesome outfits. We all made tutus and put glitter on and did our thing:) My Ann Arbor friends have totally inspired me to work out more and try to enjoy running...... Natalie and Jonelle did awesome and ran around 7 minute miles. I on the other hand was just happy that I finished without walking. My mile minutes averaged out to be 9:44 so it ended up being close to 30 minutes but for someone who has not run much I was happy! In fact I just signed up for the Mackinac Island Great Turtle 1/2 marathon in October. I have a lot of training to do but I have good motivators and running buddies to help me along. Wish me good luck!

Before the race posing in our cute tutus

All of us at the end of our race going a "toast" that we were done. Aren't our tutus so cute! They were really easy to make. I think most all of these gals are going to run the 1/2 marathon as well. top row (left to right): Andrea, Rochelle, me, Lindsey
bottom row: Jonelle and Natalie
Some fun outfits! I sure it was dying of heat. It was really hot.
Crossing the finish line!
Posing for a pic on the "Red Carpet"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Shawn!!!

(trying to be rock stars at the Fray concert....)

Happy Birthday Shawn! One year away from the big 30! Thanks for being such a great husband, friend and father, you are truly amazing. Thanks for working hard and making our lives so much fun. I am excited for the future with you!

We love you!