Tuesday, June 24, 2014

March 2014

The highlight of March was going to the Beach Cottage. It is our favorite place to go every year. We relax, explore, play and eat. This year we did a bit of wedding planning since my sister is getting married there in August. The rest of the month we hung out at home. My house is a constant mess with two babies. They make me smile and want to pull my hair out almost every day. I do love watching them play and develop. 
Adelaide loves feeding her babies
She loves getting ready for church. She is all girl.
Sundays are our days to cook. Making cookies with dad.
Jack is always coming up some "experiment" and puts it in the fridge to see it "grow." He is my little chef/scientist. 

They love painting even when they are both sick.
We have been having a mice problem. It is solved now but I was seeing mice go in and out of our chimney and I could not sleep at night picturing these little creatures all over. I decided to duck tape it while Shawn was out of town and it was a temporary fix until people came out to cover up any holes.
Laughing with friends is the best. 
One day I hired a babysitter for a couple of hours just so I could sit on the couch and snuggle this sick girl. Best money spent.
Shawn lives out in the foyer. Since my calling is more demanding on Sundays he usually takes Gray for both hours of church. What a great dad.
Jack all ready for church.
Baby Gray makes all of us laugh. 
 Sassy one minute, happy the next...patience....sigh...
 Sunset suns....
 Gray can climb under anything. He ducks is head and maneuvers all over the kitchen.
 Jack want a ninja turtle as his pet. Love his personality.
 Flying to CA. Shawn will do anything to keep her entertained.
 The boys.
 We arrived at the beach cottage. My kids love aunty Rachel
 He was not a fan of his portable high chair. He kept tipping over and then crawling with it on his back like a little turtle.

 walks along the beach, our favorite thing to do.
 Always get lots of treats with GG.
 The Evenson's always come and spend the day. They boys have so much fun together. This time Travis brought a kayak.
 Enjoying the beach cottage and ocean. 

 Beach in Carmel. Beautiful.
 Adelaide would walk over a rock and say ta-da!! It was so cute.
 Most relaxing way to walk.
 Brotherly-sisterly love.
 Watching the ocean from the rocks. It just calms your soul.
 He could play all day at the beach. He loves to find things and run from the waves.
 We went to a Monastery in Carmel.
 House in Carmel that I want. Seriously the only house on that side of the road over looking the water.
 More ocean.
 Playground fun.
 We went to Fresno on Friday and saw the Evenson's and the Morris'. I never got a picture of the other cousins:(