Wednesday, April 3, 2013

January 2013

We got home from UT at the beginning of January. I think I was just exhausted from the last couple of months and also with being pregnant that I just wanted to stay at home for the month of January and February and that is what we did. It was nice not to be traveling somewhere.

Adelaide was a very easy sweet baby but now she is starting to be quite the sassy/feisty little toddler. She will take away Jack's toy on purpose or hit him and Jack will say "it is okay she is just a baby she did not mean too...." but I know the truth! Jack is a very sweet brother who rarely gets mad at Adelaide for stealing his toy, hitting him or pushing him off my lap. Adelaide's redeeming qualities are that she can light up a room with her smile and belly giggle, she continues to be the world's best sleeper (goes to bed around 6pm and wakes up between 7-8 of course she has her off nights), and she is not a picky eater (she will eat anything you give her). Adelaide is starting to get needy in the sense that she wants to be held consonantly (new for her) and I give in because pretty soon she will not be the baby anymore and I start to feel a little guilty. Adelaide loves Jack and no one can make her laugh like Jack can. Here she is laughing at Jack. Love her!
Adelaide loves food. If she sees someone with food she will go over and beg for it. At church she is always trying to find someone that will feel sorry for her and give in.....

Adelaide determining whether she is a fan of grass. Luckily no sensory issues.
 Love making this girl laugh.
 Can't get enough of her compact body (80% height, 80% weight, 90% head (takes after Shawn with the head:))
 Dallas did get a bit of  snow. It came and went fast but it was fun to have a little bit of a white winter. 
 Our good friends from Washington came to Dallas so we had them over for dinner. We seriously love them and wish we lived by each other. 
 Playtime. We love to play upstairs in the the playroom. The kids can play up there forever.
Jack is making forts on a daily basis. Sometimes I get sick of it but I love his little imagination and know that someday I will miss it. 

 Jack still loves his super heroes going on 2 years. He puts together all sorts of outfits. This kid can play for hours by himself but of course he loves it more when he has a friend to pretend with.
Shawn spent his Christmas money on The Big Green Egg. He has been in heaven smoking and grilling. Every Saturday he makes homemade pizza and the rest of the weekend he is smoking/grilling steak, chicken or fish. He spends hours during the weekend researching and looking up recipes. It has been nice not to have to cook as much and he has some serious skills. Iron man helped him set it up. 

 My sister came to visit for a week. She got to go to Jack's swim lesson. He takes weekly swim lessons and is becoming quite the little swimmer.
  One night we went to turn off Jack's light and found him asleep like this, can't imagine it is too comfortable.
 Pretty much since Shawn started working for AA his schedule has been crazy. If he is home before 8-8:30pm that is an early night. He works A LOT but luckily he loves what he does and has made some wonderful friendships. Sometimes his team are able to have a little fun as well. He has been blessed to work with not only very smart and talented co-workers but they are also very nice and supportive.
 We love the urban air trampoline place. We try to go on occasion to burn off some energy.
 She loves to eat.
 Every Thursday night Jack has swim lessons. During his swim lessons I swim with Adelaide. She loves it and then I swim with both of the kids after Jack's class until the swim team arrives. It is a fun Thursday night activity for us.
 We love legoland. I take the kids to legoland every month when the cleaners come. It is a nice activity for us to do for a couple of hours. Jack also found a batman raincoat at the mall and had to have it. He wears it to school often and will not take it off. He has slept in it a couple of times. I can't blame him, it is pretty cool.
 Still love this machine to make babyfood. I will admit that I have not been as good at making Adelaide's food as I was with Jack. Life just get busier with 2.
 The plus side of Dallas is that we can play outside in January. Here is Jack with his best friend Gavin saving the neighborhood.
 Adelaide enjoying her vitamin D.

December 2012

December is always a busy month with Jack's birthday and the Holidays. It goes by so fast. This year we did a combined birthday party with Jack's best friend Gavin. They take gymnastics together so we decided to make it easy and do it there. It was so nice to not have it at my house and since we combined parties it was not that expensive. The boys were in heaven. We had one of the boys in charge of the party dress up in a Spider Man costume and act the part. He did an amazing job acting the part and showing off his moves. The kids were in heaven. They were able to just have lots of fun with a couple of planned activities. Then we had cake and called it a day. After we took the boys to dinner. It was a fun day.
Our good friends invited us to go look at some Christmas lights with them. It was pretty amazing. You drove and then got out and walked around and then continued driving. I love that when our boys get together they pick up right where they left even though we don't see them that often any more.

Jack's birthday. I took cupcakes to his class and lunch and then when he got home he opened some gifts. Love this boy!

It was such a crazy month and since we were leaving to UT anyway I did not put up all our decorations but I had to pull out our little Christmas tree because I love looking at it with all of our ornaments we collect as we visit places. It is fun to remember all the fun adventures we have had and all the places we have seen. Hopefully we will keep adding to our little tree. 

Christmas outfits for the kids.

We went to Sea Life near our house. My kids really enjoyed it.
This year the Relief Society put together our ward Christmas party. Since I am in the presidency I had a full day of decorating and cooking. It was a lot of work but it turned out great.
This is Jack when we first arrived in UT. He loves the snow (unlike his dad) and could play outside all day. 

 Flights were crazy this year and we could not get on a flight to UT. My family was so sad since my kids are the only grand kids. My mom ended up giving us tickets one way on Christmas Eve so we could all be together. Christmas is not the same without kids. We were feeling sad not to make it since we go every year so we were happy it all worked out. I realized that I had a ton of videos from Christmas but not many pictures. I don't have any pictures of Adelaide just videos. This year Jack really got into Santa. He was so excited for him to come. He left out cookies and milk and wrote a note to him. He left out carrots for the reindeer. In the morning he woke up saying that he heard reindeer and Santa on the roof. This age is so much fun.

Our white elephant gift exchange continues to be the source of many laughs.

Shawn's parents have been a big part of building the ward building in the middle east. It has been amazing to see it come together.