Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall is in the air!

It has been the nicest weather these last couple of days.  You can smell fall in the air.  Fall is probably my favorite season.  This morning Shawn and I went apple and raspberry picking with the business school.  We ate delicious fresh apple cider and donuts and then went picking. I guess there are a ton of cider mills here, we are excited to check them out! What a perfect morning!

The gang apple picking.  These are some of the LDS people who live in our complex.  These are also the girls that make up our dinner group.  It is soooo nice to only cook once a week!

Shawn and Brian apple picking

Here we are finished picking, time to go eat!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shawn's Birthday.

Shawn's birthday was on September 8.  He turned 28!  Crazy he is two years away from the big 30.  We had a great time celebrating.  We had a RoCk BaNd PaRty in his celebration.  We rocked out all night and had a blast.  We downloaded some new songs just for the special occasion.  I made a ice cream cake (which he requested) which turned out to be DELICIOUSNESS (thanks Shelly and Sheila for the recipe). Thanks for everyone that came to support and for the Gray's for hosting.  Our apartment was a little small to accommodate everyone.  On Shawn's birthday we went to Main Street which has a bunch of local restaurants and had dinner at a the Chop House.  Shawn said it was up there with Ruth's Chris steak house.  Shawn has started to master singing while playing the guitar and since I like to play the drums, we now have our own little family band!

Happy Birthday and I love you Shawn!

Shawn blowing out the candles

Girl's Band

Shawn Rocking out!