Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun Girls Trip to Connecticut.

I had the best weekend with my two best grad gals. We were best friends in graduate school. I think we will always have a special friendship because of the bonds we made in school. I miss both of them and wish dearly that we lived closer to each other. They are both truly inspiring, talented, beautiful, intelligent, fun gals. I miss hanging out on a daily basis with them but am so thankful for friendships that last no matter the distance.

Seriously, when we get together it feels like we were never apart. I remember driving out Kendra to Minnesota and we talked the entire time. Yep, no music only talking, laughing, talking. You know you are good friends when 2 years go by and when you see each other you don't miss a beat.

We went to Kendra's house in Connecticut and had a wonderful weekend seeing the place she has called home for the last 3 years and meeting her wonderful boyfriend Jason. I unfortunately had to get home for work but Kendra and Ashleigh headed to Boston for Ashleigh to run the marathon. I wish I could have cheered her on!

Thanks Kendra for hosting and I can't wait for our next reunion, hopefully sooner than 2 years!

We went to Mystic. This cute little town. We walked around, tried on some stylish hats and had some coffee and steamed milk (yummy!)

This was a park near Kendra's house. I thought it was so pretty.

I wish I had taken a picture of all the new food I tried. My favorite was a whoppie pie. I also tried a couple of other little desserts and macaroni n cheese with lobster.

Next trip is too here in 5 days!!! Can you guess where?



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Neighbor Fun

Across the street from us lives these two darling little girls. Everyday they wait for my car to pull in the driveway and then come running out to play with Jack. They are seriously the cutest little girls and they love Jack. Jack of course gets so much attention from them that he is heaven. Every night our routine is to go over to their driveway and play with the girls. It is so cute. Tonight as we were playing outside the ice cream truck came and all the little kids were in heaven. Jack had not yet eaten dinner so he loved his ice cream for dinner:). The life of a kid is the best!

Almost every day on my day off Jack and is little buddy Gavin play together. It works out wonderful because I love his mother. Today I was cracking up. Here was their conversation at lunch:

Jack (with his little hand up, palm facing up): Gavin, it is raining outside!
Gavin: I SEE the rain.
Jack: Gavin it is raining outside!
Gavin: I SEE the rain.
Jack: Gavin, it is raining outside!
Gavin: I SEE the rain.

This same conversation lasted for at least 3 minutes until I could not take it anymore and said something. I seriously love 2 year olds. It is so much fun!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Jack is constantly making us laugh. One thing I love about this boy is that he laughs so easily. I mean belly laughs at just about anything. I love this quality because he makes me laugh too.