Tuesday, May 20, 2014

September 2013

Since we had no rush to head back to TX we stayed in UT for the first week of September. The party continued. We celebrated Lily's and Shawn's birthdays at my the Roberts house. 
 Then we finally headed back to TX. Our September was mostly spent enjoying the nice weather and going to the park often. I had to take a picture of Gray because this is what happens when dad is in charge. I got a good laugh.

The boys.
 This is how we rolled to soccer every Thursday night. I am sure I was a sight to see but we managed every week.
 The kids being silly.
  Enjoying the nice weather in the backyard. 
 Football season has started....
 We celebrated Shawn's birthday with a yummy dinner and ice cream cake.
 We spent lots of time at the aquarium. They love walking over the bridge.

 Jack started preschool again.
 We love Texas rain.
 It started out playing in a box and turned into a huge disaster.
  Good thing Jack knows how to vacuum. 
We loved going on walks when Jack was in preschool. 
 We ended up going to UT for a quick weekend trip. Shawn went to the BYU game with my brother. My mom bought him tickets for his birthday. He was so excited.
 Gray cooing at GG.
 Legoland with friends.
 More park fun.
 Made a craft for Halloween.
 Tried to be healthy and domestic. Yuck. is all I have to say. Kale chips.
 More cooing and swinging. Love my kids.
 Morning hair...
Playing super heroes. 
Life is good. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Gray Stats at 9 months

Gray is our tallest baby so far. He is such a good, happy baby. He goes to bed around 7:30-8pm and then wakes up routinely around 5:30 and drinks a bottle and then snuggles in bed with us and falls back asleep until around 7am. He started crawling around 6 months and has mastered the injured army crawl. He favors his right side. His left leg drags. He loves sitting on his side and watching the kids play. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks but has not crawled that way. He loves eating food. He so far is not picky and loves to eat on his own. He is one messy boy every time he eats.

He has not figured out sippy cups but can drink out of cup and straw. Gray loves loves loves his siblings. He watches them play and follows them. Jack can get the most laughs out of him. Jack will say 'hi' and Gray will laugh hysterically. We love their bond. Gray loves the ergo and loves to be close to his momma's heart. He could hang out in the ergo all day. He is very easy going and will fall asleep most anywhere. We love our Gray Gray!

9 months: 20.7 lbs (74%), 29.8 inches (97%), 17.8 inches head circumference (60%)
6 months: 18.7 lbs (79%), 27.3 inches (84%), 17 inches head circumference (53%)
4 months: 17 lbs (88%), 26.8 inches (99%), 16 inches head circumference (31%)
10 weeks: 13.6lbs (89%), 24inches (97%),  15.5 inches head circumference (81%)
14 days: 7.8lbs (65%), 21 in (96%), 14 inches head circumference (72%)

August 2013

August was a super fun month. We started the month out by having a super fun playdate with our friends from Coppell. The kids played outside while Marianne, Gray and I chatted inside. 
Then we flew to Utah to enjoy the entire month of August and the beginning of September. This was probably one of the best months we have had even with a newborn. We love going to GG's because well it GG's. But also there are lots of little kids to play with and since she lives down a private road with only 4 other houses the kids have loves of freedom to explore and just by kids without worrying about cars and strangers. I love it there.
Our first plane ride as a family of 5.
When we go back to UT it is always a party between playdates with friends from all walks of life and family. I was able to get together a couple of times with some of my high school friends. I love the friendship we have and it is so fun to see all of their kids.
We had lots of playdates our good friends the Rasmussen's who live just up the street from my mom.

We got together with our Michigan friends. It was a fun reunion at the park. We also got together with our MBA friends but never took and picture:(
I was also able to see my missionary companion.
My mom's neighbor introduced me to some device that is supposedly helps with tightening up your muscles after a baby. hmmm not really happening for me....

We were able to go swimming at my the people I use to nanny for and who are good friends with my parents. They have an amazing pool with a water slide and a view. We have so much fun!

Playing at GG's house is the best!

Jack and Gavin loved playing with each other. They are so funny together.

This girl has total control over the dogs.

I was able to go to Sundance for my good friend from BYU Andrea Dance's wedding. She was absolutely beautiful!

We went on a hike to Silver Lake. It was a very beautiful and an easy hike for the kids. Grace was the best helper.

We always have fun picking fresh vegetables and feeding the cows at Grandpa Jack's house.

We were able to hang out with my Grandma Carol.

Gray mostly slept all month.

Shawn and I took Jack on a special day trip to BYU. We explored the campus and had ice cream and the Creamery.

At BYU we ran into one of my old roommates that I had not seen since college.

We also went to one of our favorite places to eat in Provo.

My mom's neighbor has someone teach all the kids swimming. So every Tuesday and Thursday we would walk over and go swimming. It was so pleasant. The kids would swim and the mom's would chat.

Shawn would fly in and out on weekends. One weekend we went up and spent the night in Snowbird. It happened to be Octoberfest while we were there. We stayed at the cliff lodged and swam at night and then we went on the tram the next day. Our friends came and met up with us. We wanted to give my mom a little break.

One rainy day we headed to the Museum at the U of U.  The kids loved all the dinosaurs.

Seriously such a fun and relaxing month. Can't wait for next year.