Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jack loving the Bumbo

Jack's first attempt on the chair, you can tell he is not sure what he thinks of this new thing. 

Jack is now very comfortable in his chair two days later, as you can see he is giving a half smile!
Jack chillin wondering why his mother is taking so many pictures of him. 
He is looking so grown up to me in this picture......
Okay, I had to post a picture of a cake I helped decorate because who knows when I will ever be this domestic again.  I made a cake for the young women's fundraiser and my friend Christie came over and taught me her cake decorating skills and this was the final product.  They did a fundraiser to earn money to pay for camp.  It was a big success.  There were lots of cakes that were auctioned off. They earned enough money plus some for camp.  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waking up is so much fun!

This is Jack after his nap.  As you can see he looks like a mini Einstein!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AMAZON here we come.

No, not the amazon in brazil (I wish.....) but we are headed to Seattle with for a summer internship! We are excited to head back to Seattle and to see our friends and family. We feel grateful to have an internship this summer. We will head to Seattle sometime in the beginning of May. Shawn's internship starts May 18. Check out where we will be staying on the link below. We are excited. They put us up in an apartment in downtown Seattle. So all of you who have not been to Seattle, now is the time to come! We will had 2 bedrooms, so you will have a place to stay:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Northern Michigan

Shawn had two weeks off for Spring Break so we headed to Northern Michigan to experience the north and the COLD. It was actually a very peaceful and relaxing vacation. The resort that we stayed at overlooked a lake and you could see for miles. It was very beautiful to wake up to such a beautiful view. Because Jack was so little we could not do much as far as skiing or snowshoeing but honestly I don't know that I would go skiing anyway. Our resort was at the top of the "mountain"(pretty much a big hill) where the lift ended so I don't know how enjoyable skiing would be. Probably a great place for a beginner.

We enjoyed reading, playing games, watching movies and SLEEPING IN. Shawn was awesome and took Jack every morning from 7am until I woke up which was normally around 10:40am (Do I have a good husband or what.....). I wish Shawn's Spring Break never ended..... Jack experienced the swimming pool for the first time and loved it. We also tried some yummy restaurants and celebrated my birthday. Shawn totally surprised me with a private dance lesson for us plus after our lesson we get to go to a club and practice our moves. For those of you that know Shawn you are probably as shocked as I was! I have been waiting to take dance lessons forever but I thought Shawn would never do it. So needless to say I am one happy woman!
Enjoy the pics below.

Jack's crazy hair. My mom calls him "Woodstock" or "Woody" for short after the bird on Charlie Brown because his hair sticks up on the top.
Jack and I chillin
Jack enjoying and pool and his mom wishing they were somewhere warm outside where she could get some Vitamin D!
The view from our room. The view from the lodge was amazing.
Disclaimer: We might seem like awful parents who drag their child outside in the freezing cold for a picture (well we kind of are) but you must know that Shawn is from California and always dresses like he was in Antarctica when it is barely cold. I was not wearing a coat that day also the car was close by so Jack was only out for a moment but great picture of frozen Lake Michigan.

Our favorite "Double Dimple Smile."