Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter, Wedding and More....

So we have had a busy last couple of weeks. We went to California for Shawn's brother's wedding. It turned out to be a beautiful wedding and it was so nice to see Shawn's family. Jack was very entertained with aunts and uncles to hold him and cousins who played with him. The time difference was a bit of a challenge with Jack but we managed. By the last day I was feeling a little zombie-ish. We especially enjoyed the 70 degree weather. It was so nice to see our friends that lived there. We met for the first time our friend's baby boy Brennan who was adorable. He was born 2 months before Jack. Brennan and Jack became instant buddies. It was very cute--every time we put Jack and Brennan facing each other, Brennan would reach for Jack's hand and they would hold hands and coo at each other. Jack would get super excited to have a buddy to talk too. As most of you know Jack loves talking and he loves to talk loud. Today we were at church and we sat next to this four year old girl. Jack got super excited and started to talk to her. He kicked his arms and legs and even gave her the double dimple smile but she paid no attention to him. Poor Jack has a lot of confidence but does not realize that the older women are not quite into to him...... except for the Grandma of course:)

We don't have a ton of pictures from the wedding but I will post more once we get some. Unfortunately, we did not even take one of our family.

Jason and Chelsea
The photo booth Jason made for their guests to take pictures and then put it in their Guest book. Also the guests were able to take a copy home. Very cool idea. Shawn and I had a blast taking pictures, we felt like we were back in fifth grade.
Kristy, me and the best buddies
Brennan and Jack holding hands

Today we had a great Easter Sunday. In the morning my brother came over for brunch and then we had a potluck dinner with our MBA friends. Steve and Jonelle Gray were gracious enough to host. Here are some pics of the day. Also on Saturday our complex had an Easter party so this is Jack's first picture with the Easter Bunny. He was not into it....

Jack's first Easter, I know totally cheesy but hey I am the mom and get to call the shots:)
The adults eating a delicious dinner
All the MBA kiddos after the eater egg hunt
Jack loving hanging out with the boys

Jack's first time meeting the Easter Bunny

Random Pictures Below:
Jack chillin with dad.

Jack after his bath
Mom doing her leg lifts with Jack (note: this is Jack's favorite tummy time position)

Jack talking with mom