Thursday, July 3, 2014

February 2014

February was a fun month. We had our dear friends from Japan visit us and had 2 birthdays to celebrate. 

I would find Gray and Adelaide like this all the time. Since they weigh about the exact same amount I figured it was not a big deal but it always gave me a good laugh. 
I had a fun night out with my girl friends.
The boys watching the Super Bowl.
Gray just makes all of us smile. 

I threw out some old t-shirts from my time in London and our nick names from High School T-shirt. Fun memories.
True birds did a trunk show at my house. Adelaide got lots of fun head bands and a wonderful book. 
This is how we snuggle in the morning....
Our Friends Emi, Lisa and Mae came to visit from Japan. Seriously Lisa and Mae are troopers. Never complaining just happy to be here. They would fall asleep wherever they could. Our kids played great together and we had a wonderful time with them. We went to the zoo, Arboretum, mall, Legoland, a movie, Chucky Cheese, restaurants, craft and cooking group and went to see the Little Mermaid in 10 days. The kids played a lot out side and Lisa went to Jack's preschool while Emi did lots of shopping. We had a great time.
They brought Jack a ninja costume. He loved it. 
Emi brought us some Ramen noodles. So yummy!
All the kids in bed.

Playing at the park.

At the Forth Worth Zoo
Playing outside

Celebrating Valentine's Day with heart shaped pizza.

Eating at Chuy's after. Kids being funny and Mae is so dang cute!
At the mall. They loved the rides.

The Little Mermaid was so fun.
We went to Urban Air
The kids at preschool.
Kids playing
Chucky Cheese
The movie Frozen.
Emi and I went to Craft group and cooking group.
Adelaide turned 2 years old. She knew the day was about her. It was so cute! She was all smiles the whole day. GG came out to celebrate with us. We had cake, opened presents and went to the Arboretum. Adelaide is my sweet, sassy girl and her emotions can change like the wind. One moment she will be so sweet and the next minute she will be shaking her head saying "uh-uh" will serious sassiness. She is so caring for Gray. The first thing she says in the morning is "gway, gway" and once she finds him she can move one. She is always helping "gway" out. They have a neat bond. She wants to be just like Jack when she is not teasing him. She loves to play with Jack and does everything that he does. She also loves her momma. She follows her momma around the house and wants to help her momma do everything. She can keep up with her brothers but she is also extremely girly. She touches her head and says "bow" every morning. She has to put on her jewelry before she leaves her bedroom in the morning and she insists on having her nails painted every couple of days. Her gestures, facial expressions and intonations make everyone laugh. People like to bug her just to get a reaction out of her. A guy at church comes up to her almost every week and touches her  just to get her to scream "uh-uh" and shake her head because he thinks it is so funny. We seriously LOVE this girl.
Adelaide is obsessed with the show "Bo on the Go." So I had my friend make her a cake. When I ask her what she wants to watch she always says "BO!"
Adelaide got some fake make-up from GG and she is obsessed with it.
She got some dolls and kept giving them hugs.
We celebrated my birthday with cake. Yummy!
My mom's birthday gift to me. Made me week.
GG's in town.
Classic Adelaide!
Jack playing soccer.
Sweet Gray