Thursday, May 28, 2009

So many firsts! So kind of a long post.....

We have spent the last couple of weeks in Utah and Jack loved all the attention that he received from family and friends in Utah.  He would wait anxiously each day for his GiGi to get off work so that he could have her undivided attention.  If she did not pick him up immediately when she came home, Jack would let out a little fake cry and GiGi would come to his rescue.  We were able to see some friends and family (although, this trip I was a horrible picture taker and did not take a lot of pictures).  Luckily, we were in town the same time as one of my best friends from High School and best friends from London, so that was awesome to see them and their cute, adorable kids!  I was also able to see my best friend and her cute girls a couple of times, which was awesome!

While in Utah I enjoyed visiting my sister at Cameo (her esthetician school) where I became addicted to chemical peels, facials, body wraps, pedicures, getting my hair and make-up done and facial products!  I now have a facial regime that consists of several products that I love!  Shawn however is not a big fan because of the price but I tell him it is an investment and that "the face you moisturize in your twenties is the face you have in your fifties." Hopefully, that is true!

We love our apartment in Seattle and feel very spoiled. We live right down town in a fairly new 1400 square foot apartment with tall ceilings and a ton of windows. I love all the naturally light and love being able to watch all the city commotion down below.  We have a partial view of the water which is nice.  Yesterday the cleaning lady came over and I was not sure what to do. I never have had my own cleaning lady. I felt weird having her clean up our messes so I helped her out and chatted with her.  She was really nice.  I can't say that I don't mind having one:)  We have also met several friends who are also interning for or Microsoft.  We went out to eat with some of them and explored Seattle.  Funny, side note, we went walking with a couple and they have a cute little dog.  So many people stopped us to comment on how cute the dog was and talked to the dog and did not say a word to cute Jack (Jack is super social and loves talking to everyone). Finally, after this happened several times, the next person that stopped to talk to the dog, Jack just started crying.  The person looked up and started talking to Jack and Jack immediately stopped crying and started smiling and talking.  You gotta love Seattle!  People here go crazy over animals. Anyways,we are excited to explore downtown, get together with old friends and family and meet new friends. 

Also, Shawn is really loving his internship.  Everyone is super nice at  He is working 11-12 hour days but I think we are both use to that.  Yesterday he came home at 6pm and it was so nice to walk around the city with him. 

Jack had a lot of first in Utah here are a list of some of them:
1. Rolls over.
2. Turns in a full circle while laying on his stomach.
3. Giggles.
4. Eats rice cereal like a champ.
5. Sits by himself (okay, so my mom thinks he can do this but he sits for like 3 seconds and then falls over but for the GiGi I will put it on here).
6. Made lots of new sounds and noises (he especially thinks he is really cool now that he can blow bubbles).
7. Saw our neighbors horse and her band new colt that was born while we were there (So cute!). 
8. Caught his first cold (which was not so fun).
9. Started teething like crazy but no white pearly yet.
10. Experienced his first mother's day.
11. Went and put flowers on the graves of loved ones that we miss dearly for memorial day. 

We love Jack, each month his little personality (for the good and the bad) is coming out more and more and it is so fun to see. 

Jack's Baby and Me class.  This was our last day.  Jack loved his class and will miss it.

Jack trying rice cereal for the first time and loving it!
Jack loving his Great Grandparents

and dad!
Jack chillin with GiGi's dogs.  He loved them and they loved him!
Lovin' all the attention from GiGi and Auntie Rachel

My two best friends from London boys, aren't they cute!

Shawn's best friend from High School and one of my best friends from London were in Utah for a couple of hours before they were flying home from a visit to Idaho. We were lucky to be able to see them and their cute boy Brennan.
Brennan and Jack comparing legs. I wonder whose are chubbier......?
Jack gave me a wonderful mother's day gift and he even signed it! Genius, I know:)  I guess he does not care if I gain a couple more pounds.
Jack chillin with Mr.Jiggs.  
Here are some pics of our apartment in Seattle.  We love it!

Congrats! you made it too the end!