Monday, November 23, 2009

A very sweet trip to Seattle and Victoria
Jack and I made a quick trip to Seattle and then to Victoria to see a special friend who I met on my mission. It was a very short trip but very worth the long airplane ride. Actually, Jack did really well on the airplane ride. Sleeping was a whole other story.... I was very worried that we would not be able to see my friend because the weather was quite bad and the day I was suppose to go to Victoria all the ferries were shut down due to weather. Luckily the next day the weather cleared up and Jack and I were able to go to Victoria for the day. It was a very special tender trip that I will always remember. My friends are both incredible people that I really look up too. My friends were so good with Jack. Jack seriously loved them! He was loving all the attention. I was a little worried that he would be fussy and needy due to lack of sleep but he was such a trooper.

While we were in Seattle we stayed with my aunt and uncle. My cousin Lilly was so good with Jack. Every time Lilly would walk out of the room Jack would start crying. I wanted to bring Lilly back with me because she was such a great helper. We also saw Shawn's family and one of my friends. It made me really miss Seattle and our family and friends. I was horrible at taking pictures so I only have a couple and I took them with my phone so not the best quality.

It was pretty cold while we were there. Here is Jack all bundled up.
Jack and Lilly. As you can see Lilly had a lot of fun playing with Jack.
Jack loved all the attention he got from my friends.

The weather has shockingly been so nice here in Ann Arbor. So I try to take Jack to the park every day. He loves to swing and will seriously sit in it for over an hour. He will swing and watch other kids play. Every time I take him out of the swing he throws a small temper tantrum. Poor Jack won't be happy when we are cooped up inside for the winter.