Tuesday, February 26, 2013

September 2012

The month of September was low key for us. I think all the traveling in the summer wore me out a bit. We got back into a routine.

Jack started preschool at Trophy Lakes Academy.

Jack played a lot with his best friend Gavin. They played in the rain and raced sticks, went roller blading and of course played lots of super heroes.

Every year to go to the Dallas Arboretum with our close friends. The kids have so much fun together.

Jack and his funky hair. We love doing funny things with his hair in the bath.

Adelaide loving the bath too.

Kids playing.
Jack likes to try on Adelaide's bows.....

Adelaide is a happy baby. This is how she looks like shopping. She is consonantly smiling at everyone.

Pathetic but I finally adventured a bit and made homemade rolls. They turned out yummy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 As you can see we head west during the brutal summers here. I think we were in TX for one week in August. Shawn was working 80-100 hour weeks so we did not see him much during the week and he would try to fly where ever we were for the weekend if he was not working. This year has been a brutal year for work. Shawn has been working around the clock but that has not stopped the rest of us from going various places.

Typical day at home, Jack dressed up as a super hero.
 Adelaide making more progress crawling.

 Falling asleep randomly.
 In August we went to the beach cottage in Pacific Grove CA. We love it there. We have certain traditions that we do every time. Ice cream at Ghirardelli's, Monterey Aquarium, long walks on the beach, eating at Fisherman's Warf at our favorite restaurant, people watching, and going to Fresno to see the Evenson's and Shawn's family. However, Shawn's family has been making a tradition of coming to the bay for a day if not over night. It has become a fun tradition. This trip for me is what I call "therapy for the soul." I have fond memories as a young child playing at the beach and searching for marine life. I hope my kids develop the same memories. 
Cousins six months apart comparing the difference.
 Playing at Dennis the Menace Park

Adelaide one happy baby
 Chilling at the cottage.

 Ice Cream:

In Fresno at Grandma Sheila's house.
 Evenson's house. We love these boys! Three peas in a pod.

At the Aquarium

 After the beach cottage Jack was so excited because he flew to UT with GG. I met them a couple days later.

 Love having a girl. Stock up on bows when I am home. Love True Birds.
 Jack loves my Grandparents house. He loves helping them on the "farm."

Playing with cousins. Every year my Seattle cousins come to celebrate my cousins birthday in UT. We always have a big party. Lilly and Shawn share the same birthday so Shawn gets a party too. Playing with family. 
Back in TX. Love these 2 girls. We try to do a girls night out once a month. Does not always happen but love it when it does.

 Playing in the pool white trash style:)